Community Guidelines For Using Kutumb

Kutumb helps its users connect to others, enabling meaningful engagement within the Kutumb platform. To ensure that this purpose is achieved effectively, Kutumb requires users to follow these Community Guidelines along with the Terms of Use. Kutumb has the utmost regard for the freedom of speech and expression as well as the right to privacy of users on its platform. In framing the Community Guidelines, every stipulation carefully balances these considerations with the requirement to respect and abide by the letter and spirit of the law of the land.

Treat your interactions with other users on Kutumb as though these are interactions in the real world. Before you post any content, think about how the people you are talking about might feel if you told them to their face what you are planning to post. Do not post content about others that you would not like posted about you.

The community guidelines listed below set out the types of actions and behaviour that are prohibited on Kutumb. If you are found to have committed any of the actions listed below appropriate action might be taken against you including, but not limited to, taking down the violative content, in the appropriate circumstances informing the authorities, and suspension or termination of your account:

1. Terrorism and Extremism

Do not post content that threatens, encourages or glorifies terrorism.

You must not threaten or promote any dangerous activities on Kutumb. In particular you must not use Kutumb to incite terrorism, secession, acts of violence against person or property or which threatens the unity, integrity, defence, security or sovereignty of India, friendly relations with foreign nations, or insults another nation.You must not post any content that promotes or encourages users to take actions on behalf of a terrorist or anti-national organization, or recruits and disseminates information for, or furthers the objectives of, such organizations. You must also not garner support or approval for the commission of violent acts during lawful protests or create violence-inducing terror and conspiracy networks on the platform.

2. Violent Content

Do not post content that threatens, depicts or glorifies violence, or encourages self harm.

You must not use Kutumb to make any direct or indirect threats of physical harm against another person. This includes any threat relating to theft, vandalism, wrongful confinement, bodily, mental or financial harm.

Kutumb does not permit its users to post content which involves references to mass murder, violent events, or specific means of violence, in particular where vulnerable communities or groups are the primary targets or victims, or which depicts or glorifies any such actions. Kutumb does not permit the glorification of violence in any manner including but not limited to celebrating events that have caused physical harm to or hurt the sentiments of any person or group. You must refrain from posting content which depicts torture, injury, mental suffering, death, bodily harm, abduction, kidnapping or other forms of violent content. You must also refrain from posting content relating to suicide or self harm, particularly in ways that can be construed as promoting or suggesting this course of action.

3. Graphic, Obscene and Sexual Content

Do not post graphic, obscene and/or sexual content on Kutumb.

Kutumb does not tolerate content which is obscene or sexually graphic or which could be seen to be inappropriate for some users. Kutumb does not allow pornographic or peodiphillic content, explicit depictions of deceased persons, violent sexual acts including content depicting rape, and imagery which is excessively gory. 

4. Sexual Harassment and non-consensual nudity

Do not post any content or engage in any activity that might be construed as being sexual harassment other users.

Do not make statements of a sexual nature which are intended to be insulting, harassing, or degrading on the basis of gender, or which make any other person feel uncomfortable. Kutumb does not condone sexual harassment on the platform, including, but not limited to, sexually explicit remarks, or innuendoes directed at any specific person or persons, or the sharing of sexual (or sexually suggestive) information or media in relation to a person without their consent or any content which may may invasive of a person's bodily privacy.

5. Cyberbullying

Be kind to others. Don’t be a bully.

Kutumb does not allow users to engage in bullying or harassment on the platform. Bullying could take many forms, including sharing defamatory or libellous content, or sending threatening messages or insults to another Kutumb user. Users must not post content containing personal attacks against other individuals including other Kutumb users. Do not use abusive language, slang, or expletives in any language and in particular do not direct such language at other users.

6. Invasion of Privacy

Be respectful of the privacy of others.

Kutumb expects users to be respectful towards the privacy of others. You must refrain from publishing, sharing, or encouraging the publication of, any personal information of another person or which is invasive of their privacy.

7. Illegal Activities

Much like in the real world, don’t break the law when you use Kutumb.

Do not post content which is illegal or which encourages other users to participate in any illegal activity. This includes buying or selling of narcotics, illegal or prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco products or any other categories of items that are not permitted to be traded between private individuals. You must also not use the platform to offer access to lotteries, gambling, and real money games or encourage money laundering, prostitution, human or child trafficking, organised violence or any other criminal activity.

8. Identity Theft and Impersonation

Identity theft is serious. Don’t impersonate any other person.

Do not impersonate or pose as another person, brand, or organization to deceives or misleads users about the origin of the content. You are encouraged to voluntarily verify yourself and ensure that all the details provided in your profile are accurate and do not, in any manner, constitute misrepresentation.

9. Hate Speech and Discrimination

Do not post hateful or discriminatory content on Kutumb.

Treat others on Kutumb with dignity, respect, and a sense of empathy. We encourage valid and well-intentioned expressions of healthy disagreement on the platform. We do not allow any forms of hateful, personal attacks, ad hominem speech, or uncivil disagreement which are intended to harm another user or cause them mental stress or suffering. 

10. Religiously Offensive Content

Be respectful of the religious beliefs of others.

You must always be respectful of the religious faith and beliefs of others regardless of whether or not they share the same views or beliefs as you. You must not publish anything which is hurtful to the sentiments of others, or which insults their religion or customs and/or causes communal discord.

11. Misinformation and Fake news

Be truthful and verify information.

Do not knowingly post or share information, which is unverified or false or misleading, but may be perceived as factual. We have a zero-tolerance policy for morphed or manipulated media, including photoshopped pictures or doctored videos. We do not condone content which may affect citizen-centric processes. You must, to the extent possible, make sure that the content that you post on Kutumb is authentic and from a reliable and verifiable source.

12. Spamming, Scamming and Phishing

Don’t use Kutumb to spam or scam others.

Do not use this platform to manipulate others or to negatively affect their experience on the platform. Do not message other users in bulk from multiple accounts for the purpose of amplifying content or disrupting conversations. Do not use this platform to control prices or to publish information intended to manipulate other users for your own financial gain. Users are also prohibited from trying to deceive others whether on this platform or not, by sharing patently false and untrue information, luring other persons to share sensitive information or requiring them to engage in any other activities which with the intention of misleading or harassing users for financial gain or causing them any other harm.

13. Intellectual Property Infringement

Respect the intellectual property of others.

Kutumb believes in respecting intellectual property. You must not post content in respect of which others have a patent, copyright (including text, images, music or videos) or a trademark (such as in relation to a brand or a logo that you do not own) or any other proprietary rights, as this may result in infringement of their rights.

14. Malicious Programmes

Don’t share malicious programs.

Do not post or share any content on the platform which contains any viruses,malicious programs, or any other computer code, file or program which could cause disruption, inconvenience, harm or loss to other users on the platform, or which is designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of the platform.

Keeping these principles in mind while undertaking any interactions of the platform (including posting content or sending messages to other people) would go a long way in making the experience you and our larger community of users have on Kutumb safer and more enjoyable.