Kutumb Cancellations and Refunds

General notes on cancellation and refund -

  1. There are two types of payments available on Kutumb Communities -
    1. One time donations -
      1. One time donations are non-refundable
    2. Recurring subscription fee - You can join some of our paid communities by agreeing to pay the membership fee mentioned on the joining page of the community.
      1. You will be charged in advance for the next 30 day membership of such a community.
      2. You can place a cancellation request at any time by sending an email to admin@kutumbapp.com by mentioning your registered mobile number
      3. We will cancel your membership within 24 hours of receiving such email
      4. Any payments made prior to cancellation are non-refundable
      5. You will continue to receive the membership benefits till the end of 30 day period for which you have been charged prior to the cancellation event
  2. In case there is more than one interpretation of any of the terms mentioned above, the company reserves the right to make the final and binding interpretation.
  3. In all cases, you agree that any disputes will be subject to the laws of the Republic of India and the courts of Bangalore shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all such disputes.